How To Check Who Is Stalking You On Instagram?

Try these possible ways to find out who stalks you on Instagram so you can take early action to secure your account.

How To Check Who Is Stalking You On Instagram?

Do you have a gut feeling that someone is checking out you on Instagram? It’s common and some have a habit of stalking other profiles. If you have a profile on Instagram, it’s probably that you always remain in the eyes of the public. While Instagram doesn’t include a feature to know the names of profile visitors, there are still some clues that can help to find.

Whether the profile visitor is someone strange or one’s ex, there are some possible ways to spot Instagram stalkers and how to remove them. Following the useful tips protects your account and helps you keep up with only high-quality Instagram followers.

So, let’s continue reading this simple guide to find out:

Do Instagram Stalkers Harm You?

A stalker is a person who spends hours scrolling others’ profiles. They love to watch others' stories if one has a public account. A person who stalks your profile can be your ex-friend or the one doing the activity from a fake account. It means not all stalkers are same.

It might be uncomfortable for you when they track your posts but it is usually harmless. Unwanted stalking can also lead to harassment if the person tries to send uninvited messages and steal your personal information.

Reasons To Take Instagram Stalking Seriously

  • It can lead to privacy violations. Stalkers can gather your personal data.
  • It can lead to identity theft. Stalkers can do unwanted activities from a fake account or use your data for fraud.
  • It can lead to harassment. Stalkers can distress you in any possible way.

Is There A Way To Check Who Viewed Your Profile on Instagram?

Well. the answer is simple. The platform doesn’t have a feature that lets you see your profile stalkers. But still, there are some ways to spot potential stalkers. Let’s explore them one by one:

Monitor Your Instagram Stories

One of the best ways to know who stalks you on Instagram is to monitor your stories. It is an indirect way to spot the potential stalkers. Stories allow you to see who has viewed your content.

You have to pay attention to the users who are not your followers but watching your stories regularly. If you see unfamiliar names viewing your stories, they are your potential stalkers.

Check Your Profile Interactions

Checking your profile interactions is another way to find out who stalks you. All you need is to tap on the heart icon in the top right of the profile. This icon displays you the complete list of people who liked your posts.

Pay attention to the users who like your posts regularly but aren’t your fans. Notifications on Instagram are useful for better monitoring of profile interactions. You’ll get alerts on who is liking your stories and commenting on posts.

Make Use Of Third-party App

Third-party apps are a great help to find out who is stalking on your Instagram. Some third-party apps show you the users who always like your posts. Some apps also show you the list of users who viewed your account. While third-party apps are convenient, there are also some risks associated:

  • Third-party apps require your details to access the profiles. This might harm your data.
  • There are minimal chances that third-party apps provide you with accurate information.
  • Such apps contain malware that can also damage your device.

Check Your Instagram Insights

If you’re looking for only real followers for Instagram, always consider checking Instagram insights. It provides you with the statistics of your Instagram activities in detail.

Only business and creator accounts can analyse the insights. It provides access to check the advanced statistics of your posts. While the feature does not tell who is following you, you can still learn more about uninvited people.

Review Your Follower List

It is a good idea to check your follower list to know about your stalkers. Stalkers are likely to perform unwanted activities through their fake accounts. You must take steps to remove those accounts that you don’t recognise.

A fake account features the following characteristics:

  • It doesn’t include a profile picture.
  • The profile contains an incomplete bio.
  • The account has fewer or no posts.
  • Stalkers usually use fake usernames.
  • Low or no follower count.

How To Protect Your Instagram Account From Stalkers?

Finding stalkers on Instagram is a challenging task because social media platforms are open to invite everyone. You never know when stalkers or cyberstalkers attack your account. Before any threat happens, taking extra steps to protect your account is wise.

If you're looking for a way to grow your account, these most proven Instagram strategies can help you achieve your goals.

Below are a few to secure your Instagram account:

Set Your Account To Private

Turning your account to private is the best way to keep fake stalkers away. You can choose this option only for your personal accounts. You can't switch your professional account to private. When you make your personal account private, only your follower list can scroll your posts. Using this option, you can also hide your followers.

Change Your Visibility Settings

Another thing you can do to avoid stalkers is limit your visibility settings. You can restrict your profile and limit which followers can see your Instagram profile. You can prevent some of your followers from interacting with your content posts.

Keep Removing Fake Followers

In your follower list, you might realise that there are some fake follower accounts. You should take steps to unfollow and block those suspicious followers. Also, if you're looking for free ig followers, get it from the reputed website.

Report Threat

Some stalkers can cause you emotional distress. If they aren’t addressed timely, they can further cause identity theft. In case, you feel threatened by a stalker, you must report it immediately.

That’s All For Now!!!

From strangers to your jealous friends, if they are stalking you on Instagram, finding them is now easier. All you need is to try a few ways to find out who is stalking you and tips to prevent them from doing threatening activity.

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