Brands That Are Killing It on TikTok

Have a look at the most famous brands that are killing it on TikTok with thousands of followers and millions of likes.

 Brands That Are Killing It on TikTok

The craze of TikTok is here to stay! Brands from different sectors have been making use of this platform to the fullest. There are also some who are planning to get started but don’t know how. While TikTok is a popular landscape, there are many who are struggling to use it as a marketing strategy.

If you are also one of them, time for you to find the best inspiration from brands already killing it on TikTok. They are the most successful companies that know how to engage audiences. This seems to be hard at first, but following them can make your journey to gaining TikTok views easier.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of brands that you can consider as an inspiration to build a winning strategy.


Do you know how Netflix managed to attract millions of followers and likes? It is all because of the engaging content it delivers in the form of trailers and teasers. People are hooked by their favorite shows and always look for new updates on the latest releases. Netflix with its leading entertainment services gaining huge popularity on TikTok.

It regularly uploads the most engaging content on TikTok. The brand never misses to post updates related to upcoming projects and shows. They keep sharing the most interesting clips that entice the audience to watch.

What Inspires You

If you want to share teasers and behind-the-scenes photos of your upcoming projects, use TikTok's short-form video format.


Another popular brand on TikTok is Chipotle. This brand currently has more than 2M followers and over 50M likes. Chipotle puts a lot of effort into creating TikTok stitches and making TikTok videos in vlog form style. Using the platform, the social media manager of Chipotle provides the behind-the-scenes of how the food is prepared. This strategy of telling how the business runs helps them establish trust among the audience.

What Inspires You

Gain their trust by increasing transparency using your company's behind-the-scenes videos. It tells how you actually work inside your business.

The Washington Post

There are a number of brands killing it on TikTok and one name is The Washington Post. It has become a TikTok sensation these days, especially among the younger generation. They link a new article every day on their main profile to gain traffic on their website. They strictly follow entertainment-focused content to build a relationship with a young audience.


What really Inspires You

Focus on posting regular yet entertaining content. This approach will definitely help you reach the younger generation and build stronger relationships.


It’s just another business-to-business brand that is following the most exceptional TikTok strategy. The purpose of the brand is to target small business owners so they regularly share informative content. They usually share practical tips that are quite useful for small business owners.

By following this strategy on TikTok, they have now close to more than 20K followers and over 50k likes for their videos. Square puts a spotlight on what its customers are doing. By making videos of their customers' activities, they encourage other small business owners to do the same.

What Inspires You

Make your clients the face of your business so that they will resonate with your target market. Highlight their experiences as it is a fantastic method to thank them and earn their loyalty.

Fenty Beauty

It’s another leading brand on TiTok these days with more than 2M followers and over 40M likes. Their wide range of beauty products is not only the reason people follow them. The brand also regularly shares helpful tutorials and how-to videos to keep their followers engaged.

The brand also posts videos providing useful tips on how to use their certain beauty products. That’s why more and more makeup enthusiasts follow them on TikTok.

What Inspires You

TikTok's short-form video style allows you to condense your lengthy instructional movies into concise instructions and advice. This is an excellent technique to build your credibility and maintain audience interest.


On TikTok, the brand always comes up with the latest trends and shares content that entertains the audience. By following this strategy, the brand earned more than 200k followers and millions of likes for their videos.

Also, this brand regularly posts videos related to new collections. In videos, they also share behind-the-scenes and give highlights on new arrivals. As the brands know how to impress the audience with trending shots, there is no shortage of free views for TikTok.

What Inspires You

Don't hold back on creating product highlight videos; instead, figure out how to use TikTok-friendly formats. Use popular music and sounds from TikTok as inspiration for your own videos to increase viewer engagement.


TikTok is the best platform when it comes to performing B2B marketing. Zendesk is the perfect example of this as the brand is getting higher engagement on TikTok. The brand has over 52 followers and tons of likes. It is all because of the high-quality content it posts regularly. Zendesk’s followers can access content including special interviews, tips and tricks, and more. Most of the content Zendesk creates on TikTok is useful for those from the customer support industry.

What Inspires You

Make sure you give priority to material that your target audience can relate to in order to produce content that resonates. You make sure to post high-quality content on a regular basis.

The Final Thought!

All these brands teach you a lot, but above all, It’s clear that TikTok is open to all kinds of brands. Whether you are a B2B firm or a beauty brand, all that matters is that you understand how to use TikTok's content format to your advantage and connect with your target audience.

You can create your own TikTok marketing strategy with the knowledge you get from these brands. To make a great start, think about buying real TikTok views and likes. Your videos will then have the opportunity to gain organic views and likes, which will further make them viral.