How TikTok is making its tools more accessible

TikTok has launched some of its amazing new tools that could help creators a lot. All these tools along with their working are discussed below.

How TikTok is making its tools more accessible

TikTok is a perfect platform that enables you to show your creativity as well as talent to the whole world. On this social media site, people can do whatever activity they want like cooking or singing among others. You can have more and more people watching your talent and appreciating it. The benefits of TikTok don't just end here. TikTok has some amazing tools that can eliminate all the barriers between the creators and his/her audiences.

These tools are now being updated, easy to use, and much more accessible. There are some tools that every TikTok creator must know about. These tools are extremely useful and can help you gain high-quality followers from all over the platform

Discussed below is a guide that would help you to know more about these new and innovative tools.

Workings of TikTok's Auto-Generated Captions

Language barriers have always been a problem for all the people who intend to interact with each other. Although English is widely spoken, it can only reduce this issue; it cannot eliminate it. Many individuals on the platform do not use the same language as you, which might make them unable to understand your content.

TikTok’s Auto-Generated Captions is a solution to that. With the help of this particular tool, subtitles can be generated automatically on the videos. This will effectively eliminate the language barriers to the most possible extent. This feature is also very useful for viewers who have hearing problems or are deaf.

Using this feature is also very simple and easy. The creators just need to click on the ?auto-captions? button and TikTok will do the rest of the work. The captions can also be created in different languages depending upon the decision of the creator. This tool is best as it would derive more viewers to your content and eventually increase the count of free instant views.

Workings of TikTok's Auto-Translation

TikTok's Auto-Translation tool is quite similar to the Auto-Caption tool, however, it's a bit more useful. Auto-captions might be able to reduce the language barriers to a greater extent but it too can't eliminate it. This is because the creators can only choose one language in which they want their captions to be.

This might be useful for most of your audience but not for everyone. The Auto-Translation tool will complement the Auto-Captions tool and eliminate the language barriers. This tool translates the captions, description, and even the text stickers. This time the viewers can change the language according to their liking and comfort.

Accessing the Auto-Translation tools is easy as well. The users just need to open ?settings? in the app and then choose the icon ?language? and at last, they need to tap on the "Show auto translations? button. The translation will begin in your preferred language.

Other equally important features of TikTok

Before the introduction of Auto-Translation and auto-caption tools, TikTok had already introduced some tools that impact the visualization of the content. These tools are highly accessible and important in the app. These tools are:

  • Text-to-Speech: This feature can be considered as the opposite of auto-captions features. In auto-caption, the words are converted into text. While in this feature the vot converts the text into the speech. This feature is quite entertaining as people love to see the bot pronouncing the words in a very different accent. Creators can use this feature creatively to attract premium likes to their content.
  • Photosensitivity: Some creators may intentionally create some videos that consist of high visual effects. These effects can sometimes be harmful to the eyes of viewers. These contents are generally liked by many people so they can just be eliminated. However, this feature of TikTok provides a warning at the beginning of this content. People can avoid it if they don't like such content or if they have visual issues.
  • Creator Warning Many times creators get banned from the application for posting content that might not be appropriate for viewers. The Creator Warning feature informs you whether your content is appropriate or not. It will also advise you to edit it and why the editing should be done. This feature will help creators avoid any kind of consequences and make their content suitable for the viewers.
  • Animated Thumbnails Animated thumbnails are an excellent feature to make your content look more interesting and attractive. You can choose between the option of static and animated thumbnails. Animated thumbnails can make your content way more interesting and catchy. how-tiktok-is-making-its-tools-more-accessible

Making your TikTok content more accessible

A Creator's urge to make their content more accessible should never end as it's the most important thing that makes their audience watch them. Your content should not just be entertaining but it should be engaging and understandable too. You too can make your content far more accessible and engaging with the help of the following tips:

  • Proper Formatting: Formatting of backgrounds, colors, and fonts should always be done properly. You should keep in mind the needs of the viewers who might have a low visual capacity. On the other hand, the content should look interesting to other viewers as well.
  • Add Caption: Adding captions to your videos can make them far more accessible and engaging. You can use TikTok’s auto-caption tools to perform this task with ease. You can also add captions manually to be more precise with the words. Editing and restructuring the captions is also possible.
  • Description and Text-to-Speech tools The description beneath your content and in the videos can be extremely helpful in conveying your message to the patient with hearing problems. You can also enable the Text-to-Speech feature to make your audience listen to the description of the content.
  • Using appropriate words On a platform as large as TikTok, your words can make a great impact on your account. The words you say will decide whether your audience will like you or not. Try to be sensitive and respectful to everyone to make them like you.


Accessible content is the most viewed and demanded content on the platform. To make your content more accessible with ease, you can use the tools of TikTok that are discussed above.