How to Add Text to your TikTok Videos? Step by Step Guide

Do you wish to get more TikTok likes, Followers, or TikTok Views by making your content more engaging?

How to Add Text to your TikTok Videos? Step by Step Guide

Add Text to your Tiktok Videos

Well, you can do so by adding text to your TikTok videos, and this article by InstBlast will tell you exactly how to do that.

TikTok is a cool, fun app that is getting a surge in popularity these times. But it is not all; TikTok is enjoying the spotlight for its potential to become the big social marketing network of the future.

The user-friendly app invites worldwide users to create and share brief and engaging videos with music or interesting contextual dialogues or clich?s. You can share your lip-syncing, hanging out, workout, dance, cooking, and daily routine activities in an amusing manner. The more natural the content is, the more TikTok views you get and make more money.

The app has many exciting features to make it highly addictive and interactive.

One such feature is the TikTok text editing that adds on-screen text to your video to make it more engaging and captivating. With a little understanding of the necessary know-how of TikTok, any content can win the Go Viral competition. Inserting audio descriptions, adding captions by applying interesting formats and design is a simple strategy to start that anyone can master. So, how to add text to TikTok videos?


How to Add Text to Your Tiktok Videos?

Adding text to video on TikTok is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. Just follow the few simple steps and enjoy the blast of thousands of TikTok Likes, TikTok views, and TikTok followers.

Step #1: First, tap on the + button at the bottom of your interface. It will provide you with the option to record your content. Also, you can upload any saved video from your gallery.


Step #2: After editing and making the desired adjustments to it, Tap on the Next button.

Step #3: After that, tap on the Text button at the bottom left.


Step #4: Now, using your keyboard, type the text on the screen.


Step #5: In the TikTok text editor, you can play around with a variety of fonts, styles, and text sizes. Tap the fonts, colors, and lines at the bottom of the screen. Once the text appeals to your eyes, tap Done in the right corner at the top. To make the text more prominent, tap the A button to watch the highlighted bold text.

Step #6: To set the duration for which you want your text to appear on the screen, tap the text, select Edit, and tap on Duration.


The ability to change the text duration is one of the distinguished features of the TikTok text editor, which you can effectively use to tell a story. A sliding scale enables your text to appear for the desired interval of time. However, some operations might require some to get them done right, like matching your text with some song beat.


Step #7: You can press the Play button above the editing bar to have a preview of your text.


Step #8: After you are satisfied with the outcome, select the checkmark at the right bottom corner, and your content is ready to get you a magnanimous number of TikTok Views.


Some Perks of Adding Text on TikTok

Adding texts brings you a plethora of benefits to make your content more convincing and appealing. Some of them include:

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Adding text to the videos makes them accessible to all those who might otherwise be deprived due to some inaccessibility.

The reason could either be a physical hearing difficulty or inability to have the sounds on. Sometimes the people with low vision and color blindness need enough color contrast; certain effects and highlighting the text can help in this situation.

The efficacy of the modern digital world lies in the extent to which these apps are practical and accessible to huge viewership. In this regard, adding text to TikTok video makes it more inviting and inclusive to all kinds of audiences.

Story Telling

Story-telling has always been a powerful tool since ancient times. Adding text on well-adjusted duration makes your storytelling appealing. In this way, you can enjoy the attention of more TikTok Followers who just like to have a quick glance at videos. The addition of filters, emojis, and text enhance the story of your video.

The text should be convincing enough to arouse the interest of the viewers. Only when the audience finds your story relatable in some way you can achieve maximum TikTok likes. You can even use your text on the thumbnail like a pro to get the viewers to know the content.

Attract the Huge Audience

Adding Text is an engaging way to attract your audience. Even many viewers are accustomed to first look at the thumbnails of the video. You can earn TikTok likes when they find their required text on your video. It is your task as a TikToker to make sure how you make your text intriguing to keep them engrossed in your video.

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The target audience for TikTok is generally young and teens. It is easy to grab them just by presenting fun stuff in a fun casual way, but the text makes the content easy to comprehend and approachable to young minds, capturing more market share. And when you become famous, you can divert your TikTok followers to other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Working in collaboration with an influencer may sometimes give a boost to your TikTok likes as well as your finances.

By following these steps, you too can easily add text to your TikTok videos and make them more engaging and profitable in the end.

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