How to duet on TikTok?

Learn the art of TikTok duets effortlessly with our guide! Elevate your content and engage with fellow creators.

How to duet on TikTok?

When TikTok came out for the first time, one of its best features was duets. They allowed you to make your video with someone else's video. In the early days, this meant you could sing a duet with the actress Menzel Idina or with the singer Michael Buble. Now, people have discovered all kinds of ways to make use of the duet feature.

You may use it to respond to strangers, to create comedy dialogues with your friends, or to offer two separate views on the same thing. You can also have a duet with yourself. Possibilities are limited to what you can envision. In case you are interested in taking a duet with others on TikTok including yourself that user has to allow the duet feature in the "privacy section" of their TikTok account. If they don't and you want to create a duet with one of their videos, you'll get a message that you can't do it.

Duet on TikTok is like doing some parodying-portraying a post on the TikTok app. You can make a video you think you can jazz up by making it more artistic.


What Everyone Should Know About TikTok Duets?

When dueting on TikTok you are playing your recorded video on One side of the screen and the original video or short clip will be displayed on the other side of the user screen, and your artistic version (parody) is on the other side. If you're interested in how to do a duet on TikTok, here are the key steps on how to create a TikTok duet on iPhone and Android:

  1. Open the TikTok app. It is always recommended to use the new version of the TikTok app;
  2. Choose a special video that you prefer to have a duet on it.

Simple as that!


Duet on TikTok Videos

You should be able to select a video based on feedback for that specific feed, or you may want to look for a presentable video of a particular user profile by following the following steps:

  1. In the bottom right side of the page, press the white button. This particular white icon should be your user profile.
  2. Click the following button on your TikTok profile page.
  3. Scroll down the list to locate the particular friend you wish to give the pair and tap it slightly when you see it.
  4. Check for the particular video that you have in mind to record a duet and tap a bit to open the video.
  5. Then press the button marked with share.

The button is on the right side. It's going to open a sharing option. Then you can find the Sharing menu and pick the duet.


Where is the duet button on TikTok?

The next job is to figure out where the TikTok duet button is. It's really quick! The duet button is found on the lower left side of the app. Remember that the duet option is not necessarily usable since the duet can be switched off or on by consumers. The pair is switched off by users to discourage someone who tries to duet their videos. Some people can see it as cheating. They turn off the duet to shield their videos. If the pair is open to you, drop the "Help me write my paper" order to a reputable provider, and continue to the next step because you've got plenty of time.


How do I allow the TikTok Duet?

The only way you can allow the pair is if you are the owner of the video. This one means that the owner of the original video can only make the duet.

  1. After pressing the duet button, the app will proccess the video for a few seconds.
  2. Click the huge red button, the camera button, in the core of the bottom of the screen to record your duet whenever the duet screen comes up.
  3. Tools such as video filters, impact, and pace are available on the side of the screen to edit your duet.
  4. When you're done, press the checkmark sign on the right side.
  5. After editing the video, press the next button. This is where you're going to fill in the summary and title of your video.
  6. Finally, press the "post" button. Then your duet is on TikTok right now.

Congratulations, you just successfully done your first TikTok duet!

Tool you might want to use:

ApowerShow is a quick and powerful app that can transform your videos and images into customized split-screen videos. You can customize the configuration of the windows, the borders, the aspect ratio, the filters, and the background music. It facilitates the development of two, three, four, and five screens in a range of artistic formats. The video can also be output in 1080P HD resolution.

How to make a TikTok duet with ApowerShow

  1. Find the video you would like to create a duet within the TikTok app. Tap the option "Share" and click "Save".
  2. Open the Images app and pick a video. Click the Sharing icon and chose to transfer the video to your device using the social network service. You can receive a video file on your device via the service.
  3. Choose a song from the app library and record the video using the camera on your computer. Edit the video by trimming the video for 15 seconds, adding special effects, or some of the hot stickers you need. Save the video and post it to the TikTok app. Follow the procedure listed in Phase 2 and send it to your computer.
  4. Download and install ApowerShow on your computer. Select it and press first on section for "Split Screen" section. Pick the style that you want, and then import the videos by pressing the "+" button. You will use the mouse to drag the split-screen line left or right, up or down to change the layout.
  5. If you want to change it, press the "Color" button in the Border area. Click the "Filters" tab and you can apply one of the filters or effects to your video. If you want to add a new sound to your recording, press the "Sound" icon to silence it first. To upload a new song to the video, press the "Music" tab > "+ Add Music" button. Click the "Export" tab > "Export" button to secure your file.
  6. Send a created screen file from your device to your phone. Open the TikTok app and press "+" in the middle of the device. Now, tap "Upload" and then choose the video. Tap "Next" twice, eventually. Write down what you want to say about the video and press "Post" to upload it.



Both of the two forms discussed above will help you successfully perform a duet on TikTok. TikTok is very simple to use, but it doesn't allow you to adjust the background audio used in your recording. While it's a little tricky to use ApowerShow to do a duet, it gives you a lot of choices. You have the opportunity to create a custom video of three, four, or five screens and zoom in on split-screen views. There are several other opportunities to unleash your imagination by using ApowerShow.