How to Get Verified Verified Badge On TikTok Step By Step Guide

Want to get the verified badge on TikTok? Here's some Tips you should follow to get TikTok verification Badge.

How to Get Verified Verified Badge On TikTok Step By Step Guide

Wish to get a TikTok verification badge and enjoy more TikTok likes, fans, TikTok views, and followers? Keep on reading;


If you’ve been following your favorite singer, celebrity, or even a brand on TikTok, you must have noticed a small blue tick beside their profile photo. This is a verification badge that allows the users to make the right choices by viewing, liking, and following authentic celebrities or people's profiles. It helps to build trust between a celebrity or brand and its TikTok followers or consumers.

A verification badge appearing beside the profile’s name in search results is also a quick and easy way to distinguish between a real profile and a fake one. It allows different celebrities, nonprofit organizations, official brands to add a layer of authenticity and clear communication with their followers.

Renowned figures on TikTok with the verification badge have a large audience and massive engagement; they further enhance the reach of the products they promote. Brands want to collaborate with creators or stars who have verified accounts on TikTok to increase their products' reach. Therefore to appear real to the brands and get more TikTok fans, it is important that you attain the verification badge from on TikTok.


Beware Of Scams!

Remember, the verification badge on TikTok appears only next to the name of the authentic account. If it appears somewhere else, like in the bio of the profile, it is not a verified account.

The blue tick can only be granted by the TikTok management and appears only with the name of the seemingly authentic account. You cannot buy it as it helps filter out the impostors and the frauds who appear to be the ones they are not.


How Does TikTok Grant Verification Badges To Its Users?

Once you start your TikTok account and post original videos with your unique style and concepts, your originality will help with the screening process to get a verification badge for your account.

Several factors need to be considered before giving a verification badge to a user that includes making sure the user is authentic, real, active, and follows the community guidelines and terms of services of TikTok.

Types Of Verifications

There are two types of verification badges that the users can enjoy on the video-sharing platform. Though they appear as the same blue ticks on the profiles, they have different descriptions.

  1. Verified account: This is relatively difficult to get as this is enjoyed mostly by celebrities, official brands, and renowned personalities. This is mostly granted to those that have verification badges on other platforms as well.
  2. Popular creator: This is comparatively easier to get as it is offered to those accounts that are active, have quite a huge following, and adhere to the terms and conditions of TikTok. Not to forget, these people must have a good amount of TikTok followers and likes on the content they share.


Steps To Get Verification Badge On TikTok

The concept of verification first appeared in 2014 with a photo-sharing app called Instagram. However, this was limited to celebrities only because the platform gave it to them, and you couldn't apply to get it on your own. But now anyone can avail of this facility, especially if you abide by the platform's rules and regulations strictly. It has a basic step to ask permission to get the verification badge on TikTok.

These include;

  1. Open the section 'Account' and click on the confirmation.
  2. Select 'Request confirmation.
  3. Enter your required information on the opened form and give your identity card along with the form.

Although the steps above seem easy to perform, the problems start when you want to get your account verified. The TikTok verification badge is only rewarded to those who closely follow the app's rules and regulations. There are protocols that you must follow, even if some of them seem completely formal.

Some things you must consider are:

Increase Activeness is a Must

It doesn't matter how elaborately you plan your TikTok challenges or how magnificent videos you make for your account; if you don't post stuff regularly, there is very little chance of you being verified. So you should prioritize making and posting content more frequently and get more TikTok likes.

Post Authentic Content

If you want your TikTok profile to get the verification badge, you certainly have to make real and organic content and get more TikTok views. Copying other accounts' content will cause you to damage instead, and your account may get suspended. You need to create your brand and make your mark to get verified on TikTok. You can do TikTok challenges and follow the latest trends, but you must add your element to it.

Follow the Community Rules

Even though social media can be used for empowerment for people to express their talent, you can also become a victim of online trolls and abuse. However, you must deal with this with the utmost respect and sensibility. Your response must not hurt the sentiments of your fellow creators, viewers, nor any of your TikTok followers. In other words, you must strictly follow the community guidelines.


On a video sharing app, there are plenty of videos that are uploaded daily; therefore, you need to make attention-grabbing content regularly. Slightly more effort in your videos will make them go viral in split seconds, increasing your TikTok views, fans, and TikTok likes and chances of getting verified.

Thus you need to make your videos short and entertaining thoroughly from the beginning till the end to hold the viewer's attention. For this, your content and concept of the video should be interesting and unique in every aspect to increase your followers.

Make Videos in Portrait Mode

Even though the app's web version is also popular, it is the mobile app that has helped it achieve unimaginable heights with almost 2 billion downloads worldwide. Thus, you should always create videos accordingly, as they would be viewed on mobile phones.

This is achieved by making videos in a vertical format for easy viewing and enhancing their chances of appealing to a larger audience to get more TikTok fans and followers. This will eventually help you to get the verification badge.

Make Content For Specific Topics

You need to focus on the topic that you are passionate about. It can range from make-up tutorials, dances, singing, comedy sketches, and so on. An account on general topics hardly gets the verification. Therefore, you need to focus on one subject specifically and build your audience around that particular subject only. This will help you to increase your TikTok followers and the probability of getting the verification badge swiftly.

Final Words

You can post short videos of duration ranging from three seconds to around a minute displaying different forms of art like dance, comedy, acting, etc. However, your content must be original, respect all communities and follow TikTok rules to get more TikTok likes, views, TikTok fans, and followers so you can get verified on Tiktok.