How to Go Live On TikTok to Gain More Followers

Learn how to get live on TikTok can help boost engagement, enhance brand awareness and draw a good number of followers.

How to Go Live On TikTok to Gain More Followers

Have you been using TikTok for a long time? Stuck at a point where there is not enough Have you been using TikTok for a long time? Stuck at a point where there is not enough engagement? Then why not take the opportunity to get live on this platform to grab more followers? There is something amazing about the TikTok Live stream feature that lets you stream live and connect.

Going live on TikTok paves the way to connect with real audiences, get TikTok followers, and take brand awareness to the next level. If you are little known with this feature, this article is for you. It contains everything you need to know about TikTok live streaming and how to use it to boost engagement.

What Exactly is TikTok Live Feature?

TikTok live streaming is a popular app that is in trend these days. It enables creators to go live and stream live broadcasts. In other ways, it develops an opportunity to engage with more and more audiences in real-time. It's the same just the way you make your regular videos using the popular filters and effects.

While performing live streaming, creators can actively join with their viewers. The potential viewers can connect by posting comments and creators can respond to their comments. When creators get online, their fan base automatically gets a notification that they are live.

Benefits Of TikTok Live Feature

Do you know what makes this TikTok live feature impressive? One can continue a live session for about 30 minutes and connect with the audience on a whole new level. So let’s discuss in more detail why you should consider using this feature:

Interactions Happen In Real Time: By using the TikTok live stream feature, you can take your interaction rate to the next level. This feature allows you to build more genuine connections and grab free TikTok followers. When you connect in real time, you can build more trust with your viewers.

It’s Completely Free For Users: Another good thing about the Live Stream feature is that it is not paid. The feature is free to use for users that meet specific requirements. Any user can freely use the feature to go live on this platform. It's a simple and free tool that helps you connect with a valuable audience. This further boosts the audience engagement.

Doing Live Streaming Is Easy: Creating TikTok videos takes a lot of effort. It takes a lot of one’s potential and time to make TikTok videos. Whereas live streaming doesn’t take that much time because they are unplanned. Live streaming happens in real-time. This completely means that it takes less time than creating a video on TikTok.

Live streaming is a great opportunity if you want to engage with the audience instantly. It is a great step when you are no more with fresh ideas. You can also buy TikTok followers to get you viral on TikTok.

The Eligibility Criteria To Get Live On TikTok

TikTok is the place that keeps users of all ages safe. To get live on the TikTok, one needs to follow specific age requirements and follower count restrictions.

This simply means users can make use of this feature if they meet the specific age requirement along with the minimum follower limit. The user must be at least 16 to add this TikTok live feature.

While most of the users with TikTok accounts are around 13, they are limited with some features and can’t go live. Along with meeting the specific age requirement, a user also needs to have a minimum of 1k followers to get live on the platform. If you don’t have a specific follower base to qualify, start growing your following.


How To Get Live On TikTok Platform?

There are some specific steps you need to follow to start live streaming with your audience. This feature is only accessible to users’ accounts that fulfill specific requirements:

  • First, log in to your TikTok account using your credentials.
  • Then, jump to the home screen where you will see the Create Icon option. Press it to get live.
  • You can go with adding the interesting cover photo and video title to encourage the audience to join the live stream.
  • Once you are ready with everything, click on the Go Live option. Just after clicking on it, your broadcast will start automatically.
  • Even when you go live, your followers will get a notification regarding this.
  • While you are doing live streaming, you can click on three small buttons. This will change your camera’s direction.
  • Last, you can click on the X that is situated in the top left corner to end the live stream.

TikTok Live Tips To Gain More Followers

The purpose of getting live on TikTok is to engage with more and more audiences. Below are a few tips you can follow to drive more followers:

Plan Your Live Content: If you want to keep your audience engaged, plan your content in advance. Prepare your live sessions at best.

Interact As Much As You Can: While performing live streaming, try to interact more with your audience. Try to answer the questions and address the comments in the most friendly way.

Don’t Miss The Call To Action: Before you end your livestream, make sure to give a call to action. This will encourage your viewers to follow you.

Use Analytics: Once you end with your first live session, don’t forget to check your analytics dashboard. This will give you a better idea of when to go live. You will get a better sense of when your followers are more likely to remain active.

Are You All Set To Go Live?

Learning how to get live on TikTok can help in many ways. From boosting your engagement to attracting new followers, live stream fulfills all your goals. This TikTok feature gives you a chance to monitor analytics. By knowing what works best with your audience, you can enhance your TikTok strategy.

If you are looking for a fun way to engage with an audience, TikTok Live is the answer. Hope! This guide helps you get live and interact with the audience in just a few taps. Wondering how to purchase followers on TikTok, let InstBlast do it for you the easy way.