Learn How To avoid a shadowban on TikTok

TikTok uses shadowbans to make the user experience better for others. It punishes accounts that break their rules on it

Learn How To avoid a shadowban on TikTok

Among all the big social media sites, TikTok is still the premier platform for people and companies to use as a marketing tool. It lets them show their creativity to others while creating communities. But, the act of being "shadowbanned" has started to worry users. A shadowban on TikTok hides your posts without telling you, reducing your Views on TikTok and making it hard to understand why people aren't interacting with them like before. TikTok uses shadowbans to make the user experience better for others. It punishes accounts that break their rules or do spammy things on it.

How to Stop Getting Shadowbanned on TikTok?

To use TikTok to its fullest potential, you need to do more than just post cool pictures and videos. To keep your account safe from being shadowbanned, it's very important to use some clever ways. Here's a complete guide on how to avoid getting shadowbanned and keep your TikTok ever-popular.

  • Use Genuine Engagement Honesty is the foundation of a successful TikTok plan. Talking sincerely with your TikTok followers makes them stay loyal, and it tells the algorithm that your posts are important. Stay away from tools that pretend to act like a person to generate fake TikTok Likes because they might get you in trouble with shadowban. In place of that, answer comments carefully. Ask questions in your captions and make content that starts deep conversations. Real talk not only makes you more seen but also keeps your account safe from getting a shadowban.
  • Diversify Your Content The same repeated content can make people less interested in you, and sometimes, your account is hidden by TikTok. TikTok likes different things, so make sure your content comes in many types - like pictures, videos, and more. Don't forget about stories, too! Try out different styles and subjects that connect with your fans. By making your content different to get more TikTok views, you not only keep the followers interested but also let TikTok know that your account is interesting and should reach more people.
  • Follow TikTok Guidelines TikTok has rules to make it safe and fun for users. Breaking these rules can lead to getting a shadowban punishment. Watch what you share on TikTok, and stay away from things like naked photos or mean words. Also, avoid putting out stuff that breaks their rules about harassment. Learn the rules of the platform and make sure your content follows them meticulously. This will protect you from getting shadowbanned because it breaks their standards and also boosts your overall TikTok likes.
  • Monitor Hashtags Carefully Hashtags are very important for growing your audience on TikTok, but using them carelessly can cause trouble with shadow bans. TikTok punishes accounts that use hashtags wrongly or with bad intent, like using the same ones over and over again or banned/spammy tags. Change your hashtag plan frequently, and learn about popular and fitting tags to use. Also, don't keep using the same set of them for all posts you make online. By being careful with your hashtag use, you can lessen the chance of setting off the shadowban process.
  • Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule Using the same style and themes in content and sharing regularly with your TikTok followers is important to keep your page popular. The app's system gives a boost to profiles that often make and share content by making them more noticeable. Making a regular posting plan not only keeps you close to your audience but also shows TikTok that your account is busy and important. Find out how often you should post that matches what you can make and what your audience wants to see. Make a schedule for what you will post on your social media, and think about the best times to get people interacting with them.
  • Build a Trusted Community Making a group of connected and dedicated fans is the best way to fight off getting blocked by shadowban danger. TikTok likes accounts that build real friendships and important talks. Try to make friends with your fans by replying to their comments, answering questions sent directly, and taking part in discussions about what you share. Make your TikTok followers' posts famous by giving them credit. This will motivate people to create more of their content on social media. This not only boosts the feeling of belonging but also makes your profile more interesting with different stuff.
  • Be Mindful of Engagement Groups Engagement groups might seem like an easy way to get more attention, but if they are used wrongly, it can cause problems with shadowbanning on TikTok. Engagement teams are when users work together to raise each other's activity levels on TikTok, but too much or fake talking can make TikTok's algorithm think wrong. Watch out for real activities in your group, avoiding things that act like spam. TikTok cares about real friendships and talks, so using groups to get lots of engagement is seen as trickery.
  • Make Sure to Frequently Update Your App Settings Understanding TikTok's changing rules and getting updates is important to avoid trouble with 'shadowban'. Check your app often and monitor the settings to make sure you follow TikTok's changing rules. Usually, updates have fixes for bugs, improvements in security, and changes to how things work. These can directly affect what people see on your account. If you update your app and settings often, not only will it work better, but it will also match what TikTok expects from users now.


What to do if You Get Shadowbanned on TikTok?

Even if you try hard to stick to all the rules, there's still a chance of your account getting shadowbanned. If you notice a sudden drop in engagement or suspect that your account is shadowbanned, take proactive measures to rectify the situation:

  • Audit Your Content: Look at your last few posts on TikTok and make sure they follow the rules of its community. Get rid of or change content that might have caused the shadowban.
  • Adjust Your Hashtag Strategy: If you think that using hashtags caused the shadowban, change your plan. Don't use forbidden or very popular tags, and look into niche hashtags related to your field.
  • Temporarily Halt Automation: If you're using tools to help with engagement boost, stop them for a while. Automated actions like TikTok views can be marked as spammy behavior, contributing to a shadowban.
  • Reach Out to TikTok Support: Though TikTok doesn't give direct help against shadowban problems, you can send a report using the app. Tell them the details, say what you've done to fix it, and ask for feedback.
  • Give It Time: Unfortunately, getting rid of a shadowban might take some time. Keep sharing good, fun content in the meantime, and stay away from things that might have caused the shadowban. Later on, the algorithm might automatically remove limits from your account.


It’s no surprise that TikTok cares a lot about the kind of content their users consume, and shadowbans act as a helpful tool in maintaining certain quality standards. However, if you avoid certain activities and stick to the rules while using the platform, you can prevent it from accidentally happening to your account. Then, there will be no hurdle obstructing your path to increased TikTok views, likes, and followers.