How Can I See Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

Read this guide to help you make a difference whether someone has blocked you or they’ve deleted account on Instagram.

How Can I See Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

Have you noticed you can no longer see someone’s post on your Instagram account? On social media, it’s easy to stay connected but also to part ways by blocking someone. The reason behind blocking someone can be bet it privacy concerns or personal preferences.

How do you know who has blocked you on Instagram? It isn’t a simple process. Instagram doesn’t allow you directly to know who has blocked you. Thankfully, there are a couple of indicators that can tell who has put you on the block list.

What is Instagram Blocking?

Let's begin by defining Instagram blocking. When someone actively breaks off their virtual connection with someone on social media, it's known as blocking. Blocking makes it almost impossible to view stories, posts, or locate profiles.

Being blocked can occur for several reasons, such as wishing to keep a distance from particular people, seeking privacy, or even personal disputes. It's good to block stalkers to protect your account as they perform unwanted activities from fake accounts.

When Someone Blocks You, What Happens?

You won't receive a notification from Instagram if someone blocks you. That platform doesn’t notify or send messages if someone has blocked another account, or vice versa.

Instagram users can safeguard themselves from accounts they don't want to see by using the privacy and safety feature called blocking.

For whatever reason, anyone can block anyone else. You won't be able to take action even if you find out that you've been blocked. Moving on and letting it go is the best thing to do.

How to determine if you've been blocked or if someone has deleted the profile?

You might assume that someone has blocked you if you suddenly don’t see their posts and stories on Instagram. But how do you know that someone blocked? The chances are also that they have deleted their account.

Well, the very first assumption that comes likely is that someone has blocked you. But there is one more reason they’ve deactivated or deleted their account. There is a possibility that they’ve deleted their account from Instagram.

Is there a way to tell the difference?

Here are a few methods on Instagram to determine if you have been blocked or the profile has been deleted:

If the profile is deactivated or deleted:

If someone has deleted the account, you won't be able to see the profile of that specific person in the search bar. Also, you can't visit their profile even if you have the link to reach them.

If someone has blocked you:

If you aren't able to see the username in the search but you can visit the profile showing "No Posts Yet", it means you’ve been blocked. You can see there are some posts but they aren't displaying on the screen.

Few Pointers To Consider:

  • You can’t see an account in the search box if it has blocked you.
  • You won't be able to access posts from the account that has blocked you even if you can get to their profile page.
  • Even if you can easily see how many posts they have on their account, you will see the statement "No Posts Yet".
  • All the likes and comments will disappear from the posts if one has blocked you.
  • The account that has blocked you will no longer be able to send or receive direct messages.

Possible Signs That Tells You Have Been Blocked

Now that we know the concept of blocking, let’s dive into the signs that might indicate someone has blocked you on Instagram. Although all these signs can't give you a clear picture, by following these you'll be on the right route.

Sudden Disappearance

The sudden removal of the person's profile from your search results is one of the first warning indicators you should be aware of. If you use the search box to look up their username and their profile doesn't appear, you've likely been blocked.

However, keep in mind that if the user has made their account private, you won't be able to access their profile until they accept your request to follow.

Disappearance Of Previous Messages

The history of your direct messages is another red flag. Examine whether any of your past exchanges with the person have disappeared. If it’s disappeared, you may have been blocked. Your chat history's missing usernames, messages, or profile photos may indicate that you've been blocked. But keep in mind that if the user deletes their Instagram account, the discussions will also vanish.

Changes in Engagement

The visibility of the person's posts, stories, or actions on your feed is also one of the signs. They have likely blocked you if you discover that you are no longer able to view their stories or posts. In a similar way, a sudden decline in interactions with their content; likes or comments; may also be a sign that they have blocked you.

Analyzing Follower Count

Finally, changes to an individual's profile and follower count may indicate. It might indicate that they've blocked you if you've noticed a noticeable drop in their followers or the amount of accounts they're following. You can take step purchase IG followers to reach new audiences easily and instantly.

Furthermore, keep an eye out for any changes to their username, bio, or profile image, since these could also be signs of a conscious attempt to pull away from you.


Even if these indicators can strongly imply that you've been blocked, it's important to take into account other possible causes. For instance, the user may have adjusted their privacy settings or momentarily disabled their account. Making your judgments without solid proof might result in miscommunications.


It's crucial to keep in mind that there are several reasons why Instagram users might block someone. Go ahead and challenge them now that you have the knowledge and techniques to ascertain whether someone has blocked you on Instagram. Never forget to treat others with respect and consideration for their privacy and choices.

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