A guide on how to use Hashtags on TikTok that actually work

Every active user on social media has come across hashtags. TikTok is full of hashtags and they affect your content's reach to a high extent.

A guide on how to use Hashtags on TikTok that actually work

TikTok has witnessed a vast number of hashtags during the past years.

They have become a means to communicate for people on TikTok. However, as a new user, it can become confusing to understand their right use. It is always tricky to know how hashtags can work for your content as the trends are fast changing.

Here's a simple guide for you to use hashtags on TikTok.

Tips to use hashtags effectively

1. Look for what's trending Today, social media is all about being up to date. Talking about TikTok trends can come and disappear in the blink of an eye. This is why it is important to know what is going on at the moment. Always keep on searching for hashtags that are viral in the present.

Using trendy hashtags can definitely help you increase your reach. You can easily find these hashtags under the Discover section. Taking the help of a tool that helps to research trending hashtags can also be helpful. The goal should be to make the most of any trend on TikTok.

You will always notice that as soon as a trend comes up, influencers are actively engaging with the hashtags. This is because hashtags can highly increase your chance of getting viral on TikTok. Be it a new event, challenge, release of a new song, viral dance trends, etc., you can use these to increase visibility.

2. Keep it short and simple When using hashtags on TikTok, keeping them short is the key. It is always better to pay attention to the word count. Every social media app can have a different word count for a caption. Before you insert them in your posts, search for the limit of words for TikTok.

One additional tip would be to take care of the count of hashtags. Do not use too many of them together for a single post. It can make the caption look messy. Hence, make a balance between the caption text and hashtags.

Make it a point to use only 3-5 hashtags for your posts. This also means that you have to pick the best suited ones for your content. One con of stuffing hashtags can be losing legitimacy. So, it is essential to know how to make your content impactful even with a few hashtags.

3. Focus on your niche While searching for hashtags, keep your niche in mind. Before you start using hashtags in your content, it is important to define your audience. After this, look for hashtags that are popular in your niche. This can increase the chance of your content being visible on TikTok.

The best way to make the most of hashtags is to insert the most trendy or popular ones with your niche. It can prove to be an effective way to target the audience. People who are inclined towards your content’s niche will be able to find you easily. Also, using trendy hashtags can help your content reach a better number of people on TikTok.

4. Go creative It is always a plus point if you play creatively with hashtags. As memes have become quite popular on TikTok, they can be used for creating hashtags as well. You can share a personal story and create a hashtag based on that. This can connect you with people on TikTok and make your content relatable. People who are interested can come up with their stories or experiences.

This is a great way to promote user-generated content as well. Alternatively, you can collaborate with influencers and increase the use of your hashtags.

Also, creating a hashtag challenge can be good. You just have to brainstorm and come up with an attractive hashtag. Your TikTok Followers can use them while posting content. TikTok has seen various hashtag challenges over time. So, create or join the trending ones on TikTok.

Always remember being creative makes your content attractive.

5. Be relevant As there is a huge crowd on TikTok, and being relevant can make you stand out. Your content needs to look authentic to people. The same needs to be followed while using hashtags. Make sure to spend enough time researching hashtags.

You will have to mindfully pick hashtags that are connected to your niche and represent your content. This also includes the ones that are popular and trendy. You can look out for brand pages on TikTok to understand what is relevant.

6. Keep an eye on competitors The basic rule always states to do a competitor analysis. To get to this step, you must clearly define who your actual competitors are. While looking for competitors, make sure that they are performing well. For eg. search for influencers that are related to your niche on TikTok.

Once this is done, keep a keen eye on their content. The purpose of this exercise is to stay aware of market trends. If you are new to using hashtags, learn from your niche competitors. After all, it is all about learning and adding a pinch of creativity.



To sum up, using trendy hashtags, being creative, searching for relevant hashtags as much as possible, doing a good competitor analysis, focusing on your content niche, being precise, and keeping hashtags simple are some of the ways to make your hashtags work on TikTok.

While hashtags have become a big deal on TikTok now, you do not need to worry about them. The basic key should be understanding what is running and availing the opportunity on time. Every new trend on TikTok can prove to be helpful for your brand. Alternatively, there are many tools available that can assist you with the correct use of hashtags.

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