How to plan your TikTok Content Calendar in 2023

Learn efficient TikTok content scheduling for 2023. Optimize your calendar and boost engagement effortlessly.

How to plan your TikTok Content Calendar in 2023

We all know that TikTok has grown rapidly in the past few years. Only a small portion of individuals who have downloaded and utilized TikTok, which boasts 4.7 billion downloads, possess the ability to gain a following on the app. TikTok functions as a platform that accommodates both businesses and creators seeking to increase their followers. To do so, all you need to have is an effective strategy along with a TikTok content calendar.

Having a TikTok content calendar can yield effective results. It will also help you to achieve your goal of a higher number of TikTok likes and followers. Your TikTok content calendar can be much more effective if you consider the information given below.

See What TikTok Recommends

To help the user grow, TikTok has recommended some points regarding a TikTok content calendar. These points are:

  1. Planning. Planning your TikTok content can prove to be very effective. If you plan your TikTok content, you won't have to worry at the time of posting. By doing so you can also ensure that you have enough time in your hands.
  2. Early Posting. Posting your content on the exact date of the event/occasion might not be as effective as it should be. You should try to post some related content before the date as well. This will help you to create hype for the upcoming post.
  3. Properties. Being a brand you should prioritize the dates or seasons that are best suited for your products. Doing so can help you to have both free TikTok likes and new customers.

Practices that will assist you in creating a TikTok content calendar

Mentioned below is the list of practices that are common among the many big brands and content creators. With the help of these practices, you too would be able to make your TikTok content calendar even more effective.

  1. Using Hashtags Hashtags have always been a crucial part of every successful TikTok content strategy. If used correctly, hashtags can rapidly increase engagement in your content. This means that by adding the use of Hashtags in your content calendar, you won't have to buy TikTok likes anymore. You would be able to earn them in the most natural way possible. This will also be beneficial for your brand and products.
  2. Leave space for immediate contents The future is unpredictable and exact events cannot always be foreseen, yet it is usually a good idea to plan your content calendar a few months ahead. So make sure that your content calendar always has enough room for any immediate content. By doing so you can lower the chances of you being unable to post if the occasion doesn't go as planned.
  3. Keep up with trends To begin with, trends have to be kept up with because they die off within no time. However, trees’ brief lifespan does not say that they are not fundamental to growth and development. By keeping up with TikTok trends, you can also alter your content calendar to always post some trendy content. If planned precisely then even the short duration of a trend can be . highly effective
  4. Understand your audience: It's an obvious fact that neither a brand nor a creator can ever become popular with a target audience. You should understand your target audience and categorize them on a different basis. These bases can be their age, their nationality, or anything else. Try to understand your target audience and then plan your content calendar accordingly. Doing so can increase the chances of your content being viral.
  5. Keep it Authentic: Authentic content is the key factor behind the popularity of many TikTok pages. Posting authentic content means posting content that resembles the originality of your content and the efforts you have put into it. Try making the content that can make you stand out and be distinctive. Show people how you are unique, because unique has its demand.
  6. Keep creating fresh content: The biggest mistake that most brands often make is reposting their old content. Doing so can cause your genuine and regular followers to lose their interest in your content. Plan your content calendar in a manner that you won't have to post the same content more than once. For every upcoming date, try to create content that is fresh and has a new idea in it.
  7. Keep an eye on Competitors: Competitors can sometimes be our greatest helpers. If you consider a brand or creator as a competitor, that means it has the same target audience as you. You can keep an eye on their content and figure out what kind of content gets more TikTok likes. You can take inspiration from it and add a similar idea to your content calendar.
  8. Always consider your goals: Goals are an important part of each content calendar. Creating content without keeping your goals in mind, might not be useful in the end. Each content you create or will create in the future should be to fulfill your goals. These goals can be anything from, getting more free TikTok likes, to attracting more people to your brand page.
  9. Focus on important dates: Some dates in your content calendar can be much more important than others. These important dates should be equally important for your audiences as well. Try to put much more effort into the content that you are about to post on these dates. Your content on these dates can be a crucial point in determining your growth rate in the future. You can also make some dates important by launching a sale on it or any other offer.
  10. Regular content updates: The one thing that you should know is that following a TikTok calendar should not be a rule of thumb. You should stay flexible and ready to update your content calendar whenever required. For example, if your current strategy doesn't seem to be working, you should not be stubborn and update it.



Getting high engagement on TikTok without a need to buy TikTok likes and followers is not too difficult. You need to have a pre-planned strategy and an effective content calendar. You can follow the practices given above to make your content calendar more effective than usual.