What is TikTok's "promote" feature?

TikTok Promote feature lets you make ads out of organic content. All you need is a few clicks to turn your already uploaded organic content into ads.

What is TikTok's "promote" feature?

TikTok has always been one of the most favorite places for growing influencers and brands. This is because promoting content on TikTok has always been an easy task. Compared to other applications, understanding TikTok's algorithm has been an interesting task. This is because TikTok has designed its algorithm in such a manner that people can understand and use it. However, that's not it. TikTok keeps on bringing new updates and features to make this task even easier.

One of those latest features is the "promote" feature. Using this feature can currently be considered one of the most effective ways to grow on the platform. Detailed information about this feature and how it's beneficial to both brands and creators is mentioned below.

Everything you should know about TikTok's "promote" feature

To understand it simply, the TikTok Promote feature lets you make ads out of organic content. All you need is a few clicks to turn your already uploaded organic content into ads. The TikTok promotion feature can be used in many different ways, according to your liking. If you want to promote any of your TikTok videos all you need to do is 1. You first have to select the video that you wish to promote. 2. Now go to "video settings" which will appear after you click on the three dots. 3. For the last step, you just have to click on "promote" Just by doing that you can promote your organic TikTok content.

The "promote" feature will not just help you to gain instant views, but you can also fulfill other business goals as well. You will also be able to choose your target audience, your budget, and the duration of the promotion. That's not it, you will also get many benefits from using TikTok's "promote" feature.

The reason behind promoting organic content

Many people might still not understand the importance of this feature. This is because they don't know the difference that promoting organic content can make. Some data shows that promoting organic content is much more beneficial than traditional ads. It won't just help you to gain high-quality TikTok followers on your page but will also provide you with other benefits.

It will grab the attention of people more effectively. It will also help you to promote both your brand(business) and your TikTok page at the same time.

Benefits of TikTok's Promote feature.

From the information provided till now, it must be clear that the TikTok promotion feature is quite beneficial. All of its benefits can be described all at once in detail. However, its major benefits have been mentioned below:

1. Increased views on your TikTok page: With the help of TikTok's new promotion feature, you can have instant views and premium TikTok likes on your page. This is done by driving traffic to your TikTok page. By doing so you can make sure that your posts and stories reach maximum people. You can do so by simply choosing the option of "more profile views".

2. Promotion of Creator's content: Brands often choose to work with content creators on TikTok. This proves to be much more beneficial for the brands. Now with the use of the "promote" feature, you can also enhance the content of these creators. This will help those creators gain more premium likes and high-quality followers. Since your business works with these creators, it would eventually be beneficial for the business as well. You even can start getting 50 Free TikTok likes Instantly by using InstBlast app unlimited.

** 3. Increased messages:** The promotion feature gives you the option to choose among different goals. One of those goals is to increase the number of messages that you receive. This can be highly beneficial for brands that are based on interactions. This will help the brand to increase the number of orders that they receive.

4. Targeting locations: We all know how reaching our target audiences is necessary for businesses and creators as well. Now you can reach the audience based on location. Doing so will help you to grow more rapidly within a targeted area. Whether you are a business or creator, now you can easily reach people based on their location.

Future Updates

TikTok has mentioned that the "promote" features will not be limited to the above-mentioned benefits. It will be updated further to provide maximum benefits to all users. Both brands and creators would be able to fulfill their goals by increasing their engagement and reach. These updates will be beneficial for businesses and creators of all sizes.

Common Queries regarding TikTok promote feature

The "promote" feature is quite new for all TikTok users. This is why people come up with many different queries about this feature. The most common queries and their answers are as follows:

1. What content should be promoted? It would be best if you promote videos that convey a clear message regarding your brand. This would help people to show more interest in your promoted content. Make sure that the content you promote is best suited for your current target audience.

2. Will the likes and followers earned through this feature be authentic? The best thing about the "promote" feature of TikTok is that promoted content would be visible to those audiences who are interested in your content. This will help your page to gain natural followers, likes, and views.

3. Will promoting one video have negative effects on another? If you choose to promote one of your videos then it will cause absolutely no negative effects on other videos. Your other video will continue to receive its natural engagement. In short, your other content won't be affected negatively by promoting any few contents.

4. Is the "promote" feature budget-friendly? The "promote" is highly budget-friendly, especially when compared to other methods of advertisement on the platform. When using "promote" you can set a budget and continue to work with that. The cost also depends upon the "goals" that you choose to achieve through this feature. So even if your budget is low, using "promote" will still be beneficial for you.



For every business and creator on TikTok, who wants to grow on TikTok, "promote" can be all you need. You can use this feature even if you are a small business or don't have much experience in advertising.