What Types of Ads Can You Use to Market on TikTok?

Explore diverse ad formats for effective TikTok marketing. Engage with challenges, and influencers to boost your brand!

What Types of Ads Can You Use to Market on TikTok?

TikTok is more than just an entertainment app. It’s also a space for advertisers looking to boost their brand personality. From large to small brands, they can advertise specific material on TikTok to reach new audiences.

TikTok is the platform for businesses to succeed, the reason for the multiple ad types it offers to promote content. Each of the ad formats carries noteworthy features that help businesses perform better.

It’s simple to carry confusion surrounding several TikTok ad formats. That’s why we are here with the article giving an understanding of each ad format, how they work, and how they help meet campaign objectives.


Do you know what makes TikTok a profitable advertising tool? Its unique video format and curated algorithm make it the most powerful tool. The majority of TikTok users prefer spending about 1-2 hours daily watching videos. Also, the study shows that more than 50% of users make a purchase after seeing an ad on TikTok.

TikTok is popularly known to be the most powerful tool for digital advertising. This tool carries several ad formats along with advanced capabilities. If you are all set to take a high jump, TikTok is the only space where you can utilize your marketing efforts and showcase creativity to grow.

With the immense popularity of TikTok, its powerful ad formats are a great addition as an advertising strategy. Advertisers can take a huge advantage of these ad formats.


In-Feed Ads

Among others, in-feed ads are one of the most standard formats. It’s simple and easy to create In-Feed Ads. Such an ad type is also the most preferred choice among brands. It works great with all types of marketing campaigns and receives maximum audience engagement. Viewers love to add likes on TikTok videos and comment on In Feed Ads.

Advertisers can create an In Feed Ad of 60 seconds but it is recommended to create an ad of around 15 seconds. They can also include a CTA button on the ad to link to the external page. Although there are thousands of videos, In Feed Ads help gain the most viewers' attention.

With In Feed Ads, brands can get more recognition and also experience brand recall.

TopView Ads

If we talk about the most attention-gaining ad format on TikTok, it’s TopView Ads. They are displayed on the top of the For You Page. Both In Feed Ads and TopView Ads are easy to develop. If one uses this ad format for advertising purposes, it is recommended to do so with other social media advertising.

These advertisements begin playing automatically when you open the program. These immersive advertisements take up the whole screen for almost sixty seconds. For building and increasing brand awareness, these advertisements work well.

Users can get the most impressions and interactions by using this ad structure. In order to boost traffic and revenue, brands can also include a call-to-action (CTA) function in this ad type.

Brand Takeover Ads

This ad format is both auto-play and full-screen. When a user opens the TikTok app, the ad pops up immediately for about 5 seconds. When it’s playing, there is no option to skip it. Most of the brands set the ads to display in a specific timeframe.

This ad format is impactful and perfect for the launch of a new product. They are not only expensive but also users can’t comment on Brand Takeover Ads.

Branded Effects

Branded effects refer to special effects that brands can take advantage of to promote material. They are trendy and brands can create unique content with effects to boost engagement.

These branded effects work great with hashtag challenges for more exposure. Using the branded effects, brands can also create their own stickers, filters, and lenses.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

It's another ad format most of the TikTok users are familiar with. It has the potential to enhance brand awareness and engage more and more audiences.

Branded Hashtags Challenges are quite similar to regular hashtag trends and offer an abundance of opportunities to brands. As the ad format relies on user-generated content, users can create their own unique content featuring hashtag challenges.

Spark Ads

Spark ads allow brands to create user-generated content from scratch. This also features a CTA button that leads to a specific landing page. Spark ads allow bands to transform their videos into ads. Whatever the marketing goals are, this ad format is recommended to every advertiser.

Even the ad format is easy to create and launch. Also, they are very effective. Additionally, this ad format comes with detailed TikTok analytics that enables brands to better analyze the success of their campaign.


Which Ad Format Is Ideal For Your Brand?

Well, all the above-listed TikTok ad formats suit brands' different marketing goals. From boosting traffic to increasing brand awareness, these ad types are beneficial for brands looking for next-level growth.

If you are still thinking about which ad format is ideal for your brand, understanding them in detail and considering your marketing goals is the only answer.

Gaining knowledge about different ad formats is important. But brands also need to understand their audience. Doing so will make it easy for them what kind of videos can excite the audience.

Step-by-step Way To Create An Ad On TikTok Social Media Platform

Once you know which ad format suits your marketing goals, your next step is to create one following the below steps:

  • Decide the name of your ad that distinguishes it from others.
  • Pick the specific ad format.
  • Once you select the media from your computer, create a video on the platform.
  • Go with the selection of appealing thumbnails.
  • Consider adding the text that explains to your audience what your video is about.
  • Add CTAs.
  • Take a final preview of your ad.
  • Monitor your ad performance regularly.


In the social media world, TikTok helps brands reach a wider audience. Because TikTok’s digital advertising produces amazing outcomes, the platform is the most preferred one compared to others. Therefore, if you want your brand to be successful, take out the time to make the most out of TikTok’s ad formats and create content that wins the audience.