Hottest TikTok Trends To Follow In 2023

Are you struggling to grow on TikTok? TikTok creators can take huge advantage of these 2023 hottest TikTok trends.

Hottest TikTok Trends To Follow In 2023

Welcome to the social media world where trends come and go fast. This year, TikTok is buzzing with something new and it’s worth knowing what all the hype is about.

Keeping up with TikTok trends isn’t an option, but it’s a requirement to survive. Everything from trending music to hashtags, all elements play a vital role, so you need to keep an eye on them.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is way easier to win a massive fan base. If you’re a content creator who needs fresh ideas daily, time for you to leverage the popular TikTok trends that engage.

With so many hottest trends out there, it’s complex to keep track of new and old ones. That’s why we are here with the list of top TikTok trends to follow in 2023:

They refer to viral content that includes popular features, effects, music, hashtags, etc. Following the latest TikTok trends help you get the search from a million people and a higher engagement rate.

The reason that makes TikTok the most entertaining platform is the emergence of new trends every year. TikTok trends are beneficial for content creators as they inspire fresh ideas.

Also, new trends are a way for creators to grow as they can lead to millions of views on TikTok along with popularity.


  1. Trends on TikTok encourage innovation and help establish your brand.
  2. The algorithm used by TikTok is designed to prioritize videos that are currently trending. Therefore, you can reach a wider audience and increase views and interaction.
  3. The simplest approach to building brand reputation is through TikTok trends, which help you remain ahead of the competition and grow your followers.


Trending Dance Challenge

Challenges play a huge role in TikTok. They can take any form including duet or lip-syncing challenges. Some also follow storytelling challenges or a kind of dare. But it’s fairly simple to say that most TikTokers grew by performing unique dance challenges.

While several dance challenges are taking TikTok by storm, the most popular ones are Cannibal, Last Christmas, Renegade, and Toosie Slide. If you are a content creator, it’s worth experimenting with dance challenges on these music videos by adding effects and filters.

Trending Songs

Songs are the most powerful tool for creators to grow on TikTok. It is something that users instantly recognize from other TikTok videos. That’s why creators need to pay great attention to trending songs. They can use a specific trending tune and add it to the content to convey the message.

On TikTok, numerous songs are going viral. But the list that climbed the charts this year includes "About Damn Time" by Lizzo, ?We Don’t Talk About Bruno? from the Disney movie, and "Uh Oh" by Tate McRae.

Trending Sounds

On social media, TikTok is a fantastic platform to succeed. For more popularity, the main key is to pair your content with trending sound. Just like songs, creators can make the most out of the trending sounds for engagement. They are effective and offer brands instant recognition.

Even, creating an original sound can go viral which can leave a lasting impact. The most trending sounds on TikTok one can take advantage of are Smooth Operator, Canon Event, Say Yes to Heaven, and Hello Drama. You can use these sounds with your video clips.

Trending Features

Among the list of hottest TikTok trends, some selective features also need attention. The popular feature of 2023 is stitching that allows clipping your video with another creator’s video. With this feature, you can use some parts of others’ videos and some parts of your own video to give reactions.

This feature is quite trending and also fosters a sense of collaboration that is impossible to find on other platforms. Creators using the Stitch feature engage with content that is already viral on TikTok from their competitors.


One more amazing trend revolving around TikTok is transformation. Because of the noteworthy and user-friendly editing tools, TikTok allows users to showcase their creative skills.

Whether it’s makeup transformation or any kind of transition, creators with the help of tools can create highly engaging content.

Brands can have a golden opportunity to create transformation videos, especially around industries like beauty, fashion, or fitness.

Pack An Order With Me

The trend? Pack An Order With Me? is gaining huge attention this year. This trend gives the unique behind-the-scenes into the business world. Many businesses are following this trend.

By packaging orders on camera, businesses can build a community. Businesses can create engaging videos by showcasing to customers how they pack their orders. By providing transparency to their customers, businesses can build more trust.

If you want your audience to connect more with your brand, show them real faces. Making videos including behind-the-scenes makes the brand appealing in front of users. Also, behind-the-scenes videos have the power to make viewers see and feel they are getting something exclusive.

Customer-focused Hashtags

Hashtags have a huge impact on brand awareness and drive higher sales. The trending hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has driven the viewership as well as conversion rate significantly. Most of the videos became viral under this hashtag which further resulted in increased sales.

When planning for a hashtag strategy, try including branded hashtags, content-generated hashtags, product-related hashtags, and more. You can also make use of hashtag generators if you want to create something unique.

Before-And-After Trend

This trend is popular and will emerge in the coming years as well. Brands can use this trend to show before and after changes. They can do this for their company logos and services. They can also use this trend in their marketing campaign to engage more and more customers.

It’s Time To Experiment!

Are you struggling to grow your followers on TikTok? Jump into these hot trends to engage with more audiences. Both established and new TikTok creators can take huge advantage of these 2023 hottest TikTok trends.

These trends are a fun and easy way to get noticed and attract a huge fan base. You can win big this year if you stay on top of these trends, keep your audience in mind, and provide them with the valuable content they deserve.