How does TikTok live shopping work

Explore TikTok's live shopping mechanics. Unravel the intricacies of live product showcases and seamless transactions.

How does TikTok live shopping work

Shopping isn't just limited to eCommerce websites anymore. Currently, almost every social media platform has started to support brands that are both big and small. As we all know TikTok is already a well-established social media platform and now it also features live shopping. This is a great opportunity for all those brands who tend to showcase their products to their audience.

TikTok live shopping is extremely fun and helpful for both brands and their customers. It gives you a great opportunity to let people know more and more about your products and services. You can also solve their queries on the spot to develop their confidence in your brand.

What exactly is TikTok live shopping

TikTok live shopping might have gotten popular recently, but it was launched in 2021. TikTok Live is a more enhanced form of TikTok ads. With the help of TikTok live shopping, brands can now elaborate on everything about their products. They can convey their message effectively to their audience and TikTok followers. This choice is also highly preferred by TikTok users as now they won't have to leave TikTok to find out more about it. Now people can know everything that they want to know about your product without even leaving TikTok.

TikTok live shopping is very useful for creating a sense of excitement among all of your audience. It will eventually cause an increase in engagement on your page and streams and will also increase your sales. TikTok live shopping allows people to purchase the product directly from the page with which they are engaged. The best thing that makes TikTok live shopping even more comfortable is that it's very simple to use. Both brands and customers will face absolutely no issues in the process of selling or buying.

In short, TikTok live shopping is just like going live on TikTok. The only difference is that now you can engage more with your TikTok followers and sell them your products.

Workings of TikTok live shopping

The working of TikTok live shopping is very similar to the workings of other e-commerce platforms. However, it's considered even better because it gives you a longer duration to let people know more and more about your products. It means with the help of TikTok live shopping, you can convey your message in more detail than TikTok ads. During your live sessions, you can pin the link of your products and it would directly appear on the screen of viewers.

On touching those pins the viewers can add those products directly to their TikTok shopping carts. This eliminates the need to visit the brand's official website and leave the app. This is not the only interesting feature that it offers to your TikTok followers and other customers. After the end of the streams, people will still be able to check out the products that were showcased in the stream.

Benefits of TikTok's live shopping feature

TikTok live shopping is considered one of the best tools for online selling. The facts and benefits that make it considered the best are:-

  1. More interaction. TikTok live shopping allows you to increase the rate of interaction with your viewers. Now you can answer their questions in real time. This would eventually lead to a better seller and buyer relationship. You can also encourage them to visit your website to check out everything that you have to offer.
  2. Increased reach. TikTok can let you reach many more people than any other active platform. Even on the platform of TikTok, you can increase your reach as much as you wish. For this, you can use other tools such as TikTok ads alongside TikTok live shopping.
  3. Streamline purchase. TikTok with its live shopping has made it far easier for everyone to make a purchase. You can simply click on the pinned products to add them to your cart. With the streamlined purchase, you won't have to leave the TikTok app even once during the entire purchase procedure. Whether it's about getting info or about making purchases, everything can be done through the app itself.
  4. Growing platform. The live shopping feature and its effectiveness indicate how TikTok is rapidly growing. Not just as a social media platform but as an eCommerce platform as well. So, switching to TikTok live shopping now can be the best option you have.
  5. Easy and better experience. TikTok live shopping provides you with a far better shopping experience than other websites or apps. It helps to create a relationship of trust and confidence among brands and their customers. This would eventually help you to gain more and more potential buyers/customers in the future.


Features of TikTok live shopping

Along with the key benefits mentioned above, TikTok offers other features as well such as:

  1. Inviting Co-hosts. You can now invite Co-hosts to your live shopping streams to make a better impact. You can invite experts as Co-hosts so that they can deliver their honest opinion on the product.
  2. Making use of effects and filters. Just like other TikTok content, you can use filters and effects on your streams as well. This would keep your streams more interesting and won't let people get bored and leave.
  3. Moderators. Being a brand representative, you can't possibly do everything by yourself. That's why TikTok allows you to add Moderators to your streams. A moderator can manage your comments and other less important stuff. With them helping you, you can focus entirely on your demonstrations.

Everything you need to begin.

TikTok has some basic conditions that you must fulfill, to get started with TikTok live shopping. One of the most basic conditions is that you should be at least 16 years old.

Secondly, you should at least have 1000 TikTok followers on the page from which you want to begin the live shopping streams.

Lastly, you need to fulfill every condition given in TikTok's official guidelines. Without that, you won't be able to move any further.


TikTok live shopping is growing rapidly and has shown great results till now. It is believed that it has much more potential than any other website. So, it's a great time to switch to TikTok live shopping and grow your business.